Association for the protection of the origin of Swiss cosmetics

Who are we?

In accordance with the Swiss legislation currently in force and with the support of the Swiss Federal Authorities, the SWISSCOS association applies the strictest regulations to its members to guarantee Swiss certified products to international partners and customers alike. SWISSCOS collaborates with the Swiss Federal Authorities to ensure any company that illegally uses the appellation “Swiss Made” in relation to its products is duly charged.

SWISSCOS guarantees:

  • Swiss members
  • 100% manufactured and packaged in Switzerland
  • Research and Development in Switzerland
  • High manufacturing standards
  • Quality and tradition
  • Accountability and reliability
  • Brand awareness

How do you know if a cosmetic brand is of Swiss origin?

The Ordinance on the Use of Swiss Indications of Source for Cosmetic Products dated 23 November 2016 stipulates under Article 3 that:

The Swiss indication of source for a cosmetic product is considered to be correct if:

  1. at least 60% of the manufacturing costs are incurred in Switzerland;
  2. at least 80% of the research, development and production costs are incurred in Switzerland; and
  3. the following activities take place in Switzerland or at the location specified in Switzerland:
    1. the manufacture of the bulk product,
    2. filling the primary packaging with the cosmetic product or combining the bulk product and the applicator to make a ready-to-use cosmetic product, and
    3. the quality controls and certifications which are required by law or uniformly regulated in the economic sector.

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